This TV stand is sturdy and well-made. It rolls easily and the brakes hold well. It was easy to put together, just make sure that you adjust the height before you put the TV on the stand. I was able to easily mount a 75 inch 4K Samsung and I love that I can easily move such a large screen around with ease. I am so glad I did not buy a TV console as it would restrict where I could watch TV on the large screen. Over-all, this was well worth the price I paid.

Felicia Torres / Showroom NY

Never regretted the purchase. It is a nice piece and all of my family members enjoy it. We love how it allows to hide all wires inside the plastic cover and it looks very stylish and contemporary.
This is exactly the tv mount I wanted, couldn’t be happier. I will recommend this product in the future. Solid construction, nice quality, well packaged.

Jeff C / BMG USA

Really versatile, and easy to install. I like the white color, it’s a lot nicer in my bedroom with the light color. The cardboard screw hole template was very helpful. Just double check the height for placement, remember the TV may hang a little lower than you think it’s going to. Really great product.


Super happy with this mount. I’ve installed several TVs mounts, but this one by far was the easiest. Most definitely going to continue buying this one for my next projects!

E & S Laboy / BMG USA

this is the second one I purchased. This brand is great, easy to install and I wanted white instead of the standard black. Got it with ONKRON. very well manufactured also

doggiemom5 / BMG USA

To be honest it is the best choice for curved TV. It also fits flat TV. Delivery was super fast. Before purchasing i asked some questions to customer service about installing and everything. They were very nice and helped me a lot. In fact installing was very easy, in manual everything is very clear described. It comes with all that you need. Webcam shelf is very useful item for those who has kinect. The cart is very durable, it will work forever. Very happy with it. Recommend!1000 stars.

Ganna Zarate / BMG USA

It took a while to put the cart together, but it’s sturdy and stable. There are 2 small shelves to hold a laptop computer or DVD player. You can mount up to a 60 inch TV – mine is 55 inches. The cart rolls smoothly, and the wheels lock with the touch of your foot. One caution: Not of the hardware is named in the instruction book, so it takes some thought and guesswork. Assembly is with a hex wrench that’s included.


I really like this stand, however I ran into a little issue when putting it together. The directions for installing the tray that sits in the front was extremely complicated, you would think that would be the easy part, but obviously they were explained a bit wrong (don’t let that stop you from buying it, just take your time putting it together.) Nevertheless, great stand, fast shipping and makes my 55″ Sony 4K TV look even better.

Gerald Baker / BMG USA

Bought this for gaming, Love it! sturdy and well designed. The TV was a little too high on the lowest setting so I let it drop all the way down and its now perfect. Rolls great on carpet too. Def would recommend!

Luis B. / BMG USA

I like the stand so far, it’s stable and easy to move around. Quality matches the price.
I had the minor issue with one of the shelf holders, which was slightly bent, but manufacturer resolved it quickly by sending me the replacement parts. Thanks for the prompt response, appreciate it.

Frolov Y. / BMG USA

From purchase to delivery as always Amazon is superior. The box arrived the day they said it would upon purchase. The mount itself was extremely easy to install. When I opened the box it was great to see such a good packaged product. The arm itself was already complete upon arrival. All I had to do was put the mounting piece on the desk and install the VESA pattern on the back of my monitor. So, once the mount, and the arm, and the VESA was installed all that needed to be done was to simply slide the mounting hardware of the monitor onto the arm of the mount. The entire installation took no more than 20 mins. It moves well. It goes where I need it too. I could not have asked for a better mount. No muss no fuss. You will get a wonderful product if you purchase this mount.

Tim D. / BMG USA

You will not be disappointed. I have used many mounting systems for monitors in my life and these are the best I’ve owned.

I am using them with 3x 27″ monitors and they work great. Something to keep in mind however, if your monitor is not heavy enough and you try to lower the height of the monitor it might not stay. I do not encounter this problem with mine but I could see it happening to others.

Assembly was easy. I didn’t have an instruction manual in my first box so I kind of just put it together and opened another box and it had one and I had done it correctly.

Rachel / BMG USA